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  1. I was first impressed when I used the G10 a couple of times. I added it to my pedal train board as my input. But after I plugged in the USB cable to the G10 transmitter, it just pushed right through, and it didn't work anymore. After taking the unit apart, I noticed the problem right away. The female module you plug it into had busted off of the motherboard at a couple of the solder joints that are so micro and delicate, it wouldn't have ever held up past a few plug ins anyway. Weak, shoddy, frail, poor design- are the only words to describe it This is not even a human fix as it wasn't originally soldered in by a human. This would have had to have been soldered in by some micro robotic surface mount soldering process. There is absolutely no strain relieve what-so-ever in such a delicately frail and feebly piece of hardware in such a critical area that requires the cable be plugged-in for operation. Someone mentioned road-worthy, but this thing is set up for failure after only a few uses in the bedroom. This is my first Line 6 purchase, and it will be my last. I cannot believe a company would engineer such a great product and risk it all on such a poorly designed interface for it. If you own one of these, I highly recommend that you plug the USB cable in, and never remove it or even move the cable in any way or you will soon encounter the very same result I did.
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