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  1. No worries. Since I've only had the guitar for less than 48 hours and one rehearsal, it was something I've never had with any other guitar before. I agree that if I keep it plugged in for 30 minutes and it didn't get warm, then it was just a one-off occurrence. Unfortunately, since I don't have the VDI or a battery charger - I can't fully validate but I will definitely investigate further. My only concern was it was a used guitar (probably should have stated that earlier) and I just want to be sure there's not major technical issue before by 45 day return window closes. Thanks again.
  2. I have never had a similar issue with another guitar getting hot like this. I assumed that due to the amount of "technology" within the guitar, combined with the heat in the rehearsal space - this was normal. It does not appear to be associated at all with the battery; however, I can not validate that until I receive my VDI cable. It was actually a small section just above the battery compartment (about 2 inches in diameter) which was warm (not burning hot) while all of the surrounding wood was cool to the touch. I may not have actually noticed it but I was using a shorter than usual guitar strap so the guitar was sitting higher up and resting a little on my stomach (I'm not fat in anyway but I have a little gut) and it was warm enough that I was getting a small sweat spot on my shirt which correlated with the warm spot on the guitar. Based on everyone's comments, this does not seem normal.
  3. Has anyone experienced an issue where thier Variax gets hot when playing (specifically where the electronics are in the guitar, not necessarily where the battery is). I just got my used Variax yesterday and used it during rehearsal last night. I had a sweat spot on my stomach from the guitar. Is this normal or could there be an issue with this guitar?
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