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  1. Hi Everybody, is there a way to set the POD HD500X in this way: FS1 > Turn On Distortion+Flanger and simultaneously Turn Off Chorus. If that it's no possible, is there a way to set what the old BOSS LS-2 does very well: FS1 > when is ON goes to Distortion+Flanger to AMP 1 FS1 > when is OFF goes to Chorus to AMP 2 (same settings of AMP1) Please Help me, Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everybody, I noticed that I can't get a Crunch sound with Tweed B-man Brt Pre amplifier, without using other FX. Drive Vol to 100% and Channel Vol to 100% doesn't get a Crunch sound just as it would make a true Bassman amplifier. Is it normal? Thanks!
  3. Hi everybody, I'm tryin' to reproduce a tone similar to one of my favourite records (Here's my post). I'd like to be able to act in real-time to the parameters and to the settings of the software POD HD500X EDIT. Surelly It would make my attempt much more easier! I can't Play 1000 times the same riff to get my goal. So, to Do that I Have: 1) Logic Pro X (my DAW) 2) Motu MKIII ultralite Hybrid 3) POD HD500X I've recorded the riff through the Motu Sound card and now I have a clean sound in my DAW. I'd like to be able to play it looped in my Daw and send it to my POD HD500X input. I thought I would connect the speakers to the POD HD500X output and use the EDIT software in real time. CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS! Thanks in advance!
  4. Finally I bought a second hand Pod HD500X from a Store on line. I recorded it without any problems! Thanks to you all!
  5. Hi everybody! Does Anyone have any patch or suggestion to recreate the Springsteen's Tone of "Cadillac Ranch"ntro through the POD HD500X? I'm Tryin' setting a Bassman and a Tube Screamer but I'm Still so far from my goal :( . Can Anyone Help? This is the original sound, thanks in advance for yoyr help and excuse me for my bad english.
  6. Hi, Everybody I'm Calojer from Rome, Italy. Excuse me in advice for my bad english... i Have a question for you: If I'd Buy a second hand Pod HD500X just registered with its serial number, by another user on the Line6 site, I'd be unable to registering it? I Would know that because I'd like to be able to download the community's custom tones. Thanks in advance for your replays.
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