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  1. My tuner needs recalibration as well. It is a half step lower than my other tuners. If the tuner cannot be recalibrated can someone point me toward the instructions for a factory reset? Thanks
  2. Can anyone tell me how to get the demo riff to work? In reading the manual it says that the drum loop button can scroll between drum loop, metronome and demo riff. I can't seem to pull up anything besides drum loops. Help an old guy out....
  3. A couple of Relat G 10 newbie questions here. I just received a replacement for my first G 10. It did not hold a stand by charge very long when all the way depleted. Sometimes it would take over 24 hours to charge. Will the unit charge while plugged into the amp if the amp is turned off but plugged in? How long should it take to charge when fully depleted? What kind of stand by time and usage time should I expect? How long should it take to recharge? Thanks for any help provided.
  4. Using the screen to get around now. Still figuring everything out and getting comfortable. Thanks for your answer.
  5. I just purchased a Spider V 120. This is my first Line 6 and my first modeling amp so my questions will be pretty basic. Thanks in advance for your help. Is there a way to reorder the amp/effects so that the most used can be grouped together to reduce the amount of scrolling? I have been playing through a Blackstar with basic overdrive and clean setting which are easy to switch back and forth with either the footswitch or the button on top of the amp.
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