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  1. Wow! That is really disappointing. There is a new version coming out called the G10S. It is the same concept as the G10 but has select-able channels. Not sure when it will be available though.
  2. I am seeing the same exact behavior with my Relay G10. That is the source of the problem. It chooses a channel that is current;y being used by either the G50 or G90.
  3. I had a gig this past Saturday night. I use a Relay G10 and the bass player is using a G50 Relay. Every time I undocked it kept going to the channel that he was using. I was trying to tune and could hear my guitar in his bass amp. The first time it happened I re-docked the G10 and tried again to no avail. He had to change his channel on the G50. At the start of the next set it was the very same problem. Again I tried redocking the G10 and still the problem persists. I had this problem in the past with the other guitarist who uses the G90 and possibly also the singers wireless mic. Although I am not positive about that. I had to switch to a cable for the rest of the show. I wish that you could choose the channel on the G10 but unfortunately it doesn't allow this. Any ideas on how or why this is happening and how to alleviate the problem?
  4. Did they ever have that. That was the biggest problem I had with the previous one was to keep scrolling threads to find the last one I read.
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