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    Helix FAQ

    Guys I bit the bullet and got the Mission Engineering Gemini 2. I'm pretty pumped as I played around with it some the last few days and was able to get some nice tones out of my solid state amp but this should bring it to another level I hope. I'll let ya know how it turns out. For the next few days the Helix is just going to be an effects pedal for my Silver Jubilee.
  2. Bferra13

    Helix FAQ

    Wow you guys are really helpful! What a great community... Good point about the speakers in the amp. Hopefully after I get the hang of the Helix I will upgrade my speaker situation. It is tough to drop 2 grand all at once for bedroom playing. Although a heads up for anyone interested, I was able to get a "scratch and dent" full helix floor model for $1150 from ZZSounds. I just opened it and the thing is immaculate. Complete mint. Now I just hope it works haha... Thanks again!
  3. Bferra13

    Helix FAQ

    Hey quick question from a noob. My Line 6 helix is coming in the mail tomorrow. I will only be using it for bedroom playing. Do you guys think I wouldn't need an frfr type speaker to get the full amp/cab effects? I have an old Fender Champ 100 solid state and flying around that I'm not using. I know it's not ideal, but do you guys think that would work somewhat to get me those modelling sounds with the amp neutralized as much as possible? Again, I know this will not be perfect but do you think I would get a taste of the modelling for just bedroom playing? Thanks in advance.
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