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  1. I got it from an individual I have dealt with him before he’s always been a stand up guy. He said he did not have the power issue but admits he did not use it much. I will see if I can get a hold of a different power supply. as far as the effects go I may need to do a reset. When I got it and went to update it. It did shut off twice. But started up fine and finished the download. But something could have messed up.
  2. I just picked up a stomp used in really good shape. It sounds great like I expected. But I am having a problem with powering it sometimes if I touch it too hard or if it moves any it turns off. After checking it over several times. I figured out it’s where the power supply plugs in. If I wiggle or bump the plug it shuts off. To get it to turn in I have to wiggle it again. It’s pretty frustrating as it does it in the middle of playing. I was wondering if anyone has ran into this issue? If so how did you fix it? I am using the stock power supply with it. I was also wondering do the stomps have less effects than the floor or LT. it seems like I had more delay options on my LT and the stomp doesn’t seem to have the legacy effects. Or am I over looking them?
  3. Thanks for the info. I’m going to do more reading up on midi. I’m still learning more about the helix as I use it.
  4. https://line6.com/support/topic/56588-mission-engineering-tt-2-with-helix-lt/?tab=comments#comment-338857 after rereading it he said such as a midi mouse.
  5. What can I control with the modi mouse? I’m a complete midi newb. So PC and CC are lost on me really. I’m wanting to use the 8 switches as stomp switches. The up and down arrows to either change preset or bank. I haven’t messed with setlists as I am strictly and at home player. I have a clean, bluesy dirt, hard rock dirt and a metal preset up. For each of my guitars since they sound so different. I used the same 5-7 effects on any given preset OD, phase, delay, chorus, comp and rotary. Sometimes I’ll switch one out for a flange or odd ball effect. But those are my basics.
  6. What would I need to be able to do what I want. I asked awhile back on here if the mission engineering 2 button footswitch would do it. And someone said no that I needed to get the midi mouse. Thanks for your reply.
  7. I just got a midi mouse today. I am completely new to midi. I have my LT set up to use the up and down arrows to change presets and want to use the midi mouse to change banks up and down. How do I go about doing this? I’ve tried looking it up but I keep getting confused lol. I have bad eyes so after awhile reading and watching videos they are pretty much shot. Any info would greatly be appreciated.
  8. I really want some diezel models. Lack of them are why I am considering moving to an axe fx.
  9. I want to sent my helix LT up with 8 stomp Mode. And use the up and down switches to scroll through patches. Is it possible to use the TT-2 to change banks?
  10. I’m sure this has been discussed a lot before. But I have been having problems with my eyes lately and don’t want to strain them by looking through a ton of threads. after stepping away from playing for a few months due to health issues and a few deaths in the family. I am finally starting to explore more of what my helix LT can do. I’ve been trying to make a patch with 2 amps. But it sounds very thin and mostly feedback. I’m running a single headrush frfr with a 12” speaker. I can get plenty of sounds I like when running a single amp. But as soon as I add another it sounds awful. I’ve watched a few videos but still can’t get it right. I am running amp 1 in path 1A then running that into amp 2 in path 2A. Without any effects blocks on either. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I got it fixed thanks guys. I guess something didn’t so right when I first setup my helix. It froze up the first time I turned it on when I went to up date it. I did a reset and started over now everything seems to be working fine.
  12. I will take a lot of stuff apart but this is too advanced for me lol. I just rocked the pedal back and looked under it. I have tried to assign it manually.
  13. Yeah I saw that video when I press down on the toe nothing changes. I tried to look on the underside of the pedal. There is a notch cut out of the pedal where I can feel the sticky backing on the rubber pad.
  14. I have spent a few hours with my helix LT. All i can say is wow wish I had bought one sooner. It’s a lot easier to dial in than I was expecting. I am having one issue trying to use the expression pedal. i have my switches set to preset/stomp mode. I was trying to create a patch and wanted to add a whammy. I put the block on there but it doesn’t work. The block isn’t as bright as the others and the expression pedal doesn’t do anything. Other than trying to figure that out I am real pleased with it.
  15. I just got my helix LT in today. And am trying to get everything setup and registered and all of that fun stuff. Before I get started making sounds I was wondering what that easiest way is to use my tuner pedal and wah pedal with it? I want to be able to use them no matter what patch I am using. I’ve been watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of posts but my eyes are about shot. And probably over looked it.
  16. What kind of cable would be the best method to hook a helix LT up to a headrush Frfr112 or similar?
  17. Thanks guys I don’t know how I missed those videos. They explain it pretty easily. The only experience I have with modeling stuff up to now is the simple vox amps.
  18. This will be my first time with a setup like this. I have watched clips and vids for months now. I really like a lot of the sounds I’ve heard so far. But I have a question about switching between presets and patches. I play mostly at home but occasionally jam with 2 different bands. My question is is it possible to use 4 of the foot switches to switch between amp models and the other 4 to turn effects off and on? Then in the next bank do the same. For example both bands play a lot of covers. Can I set 2 switches for 2 different clean amps the set 2 for lighter gain sounds? Then use the other 4 to switch in delay, chorus and what not as I need them? then bank up and have 2 switches for more classic rock and hard rock sounds? The other 2 switches for high gain sounds? In a 2 hour set I will have to go from crystal clean to ZZ Top then Alice In Chains and heavier stuff like slipknot. The bounce around a lot so I will need something that switches easy. I tried researching but couldn’t find a specific answer.
  19. I wanted to run the 4CM as I like the clean tone and lower gain tones of my bassbreaker. But for some reason none of my controls work on my amp. I have to adjust the volume and EQ with the controls on the HD500X. Even if no preset or patch is turned on. I mainly got it to use for effects and some of the higher gain amps. But if I can't use my amps tone and controls. It is a deal breaker for me. I am sure it's just a setting I missed. I apologize in advance for asking a lot of questions. I am legally blind and after a little while I have to give up on the manuals.
  20. I finally got my 500x hooked up after 2 weeks. I have been reading through the manuals and watching a lot of demos. When ever I plug the power cable in there is a drastic noise increase. And I am get slight shocks. Where should I be looking to possibly fix the issues?
  21. I got the HD500X editor downloaded and downloaded the license manager. But still nothing has popped up about purchasing a license.
  22. I haven't purchased any license. Nothing has popped up about me purchasing one. What software do I need to download for editing my amps and effects? When I did a search on the downloads the podfarm is what came up.
  23. I got the manuals downloaded and podfarm. I had to do updates for almost an hour but they are done. I had an unexpected trip to the dentist so I doubt I mess with it tonight. But plan to get to work tomorrow. I'm going to watch some vids and read in the manuals tonight. So hopefully I will be up and going in a few days.
  24. I ended up going with the 500x. I have just downloaded the manual. I was wondering what all software I needed to download? When I looked on the site there are a lot of downloads. I have the line 6 monkey and the pod had edit downloaded.
  25. Thanks for the input yeah my amp has an effects loop. I had planned on the 4CM. If I like the tones I can get I may move up to an FR setup. I would just hate to do it and end up not liking the sound.
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