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  1. Tried with an M-Audio Midiman. No succes. Not in safe mode, nor in any other mode. The amp does not respond on any switch manipulation neither. Think this will have to get back to a service center. According to the tech in the shop it is a malfunctioning eeprom. This is strange because the amp worked like a charm before I started the update. I only wanted to update to get another Amp in the DT25 with the '63 spring reverb. Initially I wanted to use the POD HD500, but I do not like it. It is big and I hardly use 15% of the functionality. I switched back to my WYSIWIG M13 ....
  2. Hi there I purchasef a used DT25 112 combo 2 weeks ago. It was working perfect, no issues at all, but I decided to install firmware version 2. So this morning I tried to upgrade but failed with the code 8000000A error and the amp is not responding now. The steps I followed were 1 Connect the amp via an Alesis USB-MIDI cable to my Mac running OS Sierra 2 Launched Line 6 Monkey, which detected the DT25 with firmware 1.0 3 Clicked the update button and after a short time I got the 8000000A message 4 When restarting the amp and Monkey, the amp does not get detected anymore. I googled for problems and decided to try it again with the dowloaded file. No succes, same error. Now the amp is useless. I searched and tried the safe mode with channel B toggle, the pinching topology and pentode switches, but nothing restores the amp to its default. I tried several times to upgrade, even on a windows 10 computer, but the problem does not get solved. Anybody here that can help me with this ? I loved the amp as it served as a practice amp that was not too big and versatile enough.
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