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  1. Hi again many thanks for replying back, its most appreciated, I have now also purchased this pedal set up. I found this on youtube but its not my video. so hopefully i can get some good effects, yes i wish now i had bought the spider 75 amp, but maybe later i will sell this spider IV 15
  2. Hi thank you so so much for this as you are only 1 person who has replied so its most appreciated. I cant have High Gain Red, as I have a LINE 6 spider IV 15 amp and there is no gain knob, but I do have this foot pedal, a digitech screamin blues, http://digitech.com/en/products/screamin-blues Also I have on my amp 4 buttons, as you can see in picture clean, crunch, metal and insane, so which button do i set it on. also what about chan vol knob
  3. Hi all I have the above amp, and have a Gibson SG Guitar But even though I have no echo on when I playing guitar, I can hear a echo effect, I dont even have drive on or reverb either same also if I use headphones. Also another question, how comes when I listen to songs played on youtube Like I am into ACDC songs they sound great, but when I try them on my amp, its no where same at all. I'm not getting the effects they have. I am not a pro no way yet, still learning, but it puts me off when i cant get same effect as people on youtube. hope someone can suggest what i need to make good effects
  4. Thank you so much for that, I am still learning guitar, know quite a bit at the moment, just keep hitting wrong strings. but getting there
  5. is there a line 6 spider IV 15 setting for acdc song "Hell aint a bad place to be" or more tones
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