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  1. It was an assumption based on it being an outdoor event, well away from any public or private buildings, plus no phones or tables could detect any wifi routers in the area. Do you think a stray wifi signal could have been present and resulted in my receiver unit resetting itself to factory defaults??
  2. I had been using the Line 6 G30 with my guitar rig for several years, playing live every weekend and never had any issues. Recently decided to "upgrade" to the G70 based on the new features and more robust hardware.I had set up two scenes in the G70 receiver unit, one for acoustic, one for electric guitar. I had no problems at all for the first 2 months. Last weekend we performed at an outdoor festival gig. All was perfect during the sound check but when I got onstage to start the gig, my receiver unit had lost my scenes and had reset to the default Scene 1. However despite now being in the default mode, I got no signal into the unit from the transmitter ( I assume it had also lost the channel set up). I wasn't able to reconnect the units at the gig and had to revert to cables. Got the unit home on Monday and set up my normal rig. The unit was still on the default Scene 1 setting, but now the units were paired and I got a full signal. I have no idea why they were not working at the gig. It cannot have been any wifi issues as there were no wifi signals in the area of the outdoor stage. I also have no idea why the unit decided to clear the scenes I had preset and default to Scene 1. There were no interruptions to the power system, as I was connected to the main stage power loops, and there were no power drop outs. Anyhow, if power had gone down, the unit should have rebooted and returned to the scenes I had originally set up. So I'm still clueless as to the cause. All I know is the unit failed for no apparent reason and I am now much more concerned about it's reliability. Like one of the previous comments, I also purchased my unit from Andertons a couple of months ago. If I have any more issues it will be returned for a refund and Line 6 will be off my equipment supplier list. I can't afford reliability issues with gear, and reading the issues above doesn't really give me much confidence in their ability to fault find and update their products.
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