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  1. Love that story! I'm one of the 'young ones' being 23... I bought tube + pedals because that was the thing to do. But 90% of my playing time is for my church which is a very modern church, it's loud, we play new stuff, but I'm in a room of 60-70 people in a converted warehouse with a tin roof and having a 15 watt tube amp on stage just isn't a great combination. Even having the master volume low it's still too loud and muddies the mix and is overpowering. Plus I can't afford to buy pedals all the time so even though the money I've spent already has got me a basic board, it's still a very boring board. The Helix gives me everything I'd ever need for what I play. I occasionally play larger events of around 500 people but I'm sure it'll do just as well there as it will on my weekly uses on a Sunday. But yes, when I put my stuff on sale on the local Facebook selling group I'm sure some of my friends will see and pipe up...
  2. Thanks for all the extra answers! I took it to practice having had about 30 mins to set up at home and it was brilliant. Absolutely fine getting a decent amp tone quickly, then added a compressor, 2 stage overdrive chain, volume, 2 delays and a reverb and ran straight into an amp+cab combo at the end of the chain. I know there's much better ways to set up a chain which I'll tinker with next but for last night it was absolutely fine as it was. Our sound person loved me as they had complete control over my volume and they said the tone was as good, if not better than my analog set up. And because I knew they had control, I found I played much better because I knew wouldn't be playing too hard at any point, etc and muddying up the acoustics in the room. I know I've got a long way to go in getting things exactly how I want them but the plug and play (with minor tweaking) tone that I got last night was really great and the interface was so so simple. I think I'll have no hesitation in putting my analog gear up for sale apart from the flak I'll receive from my friends for switching to digital. And yes Jeff, you're correct and I co-ordinate our worship band so I can access the building whenever I need to and have access to the desk, etc. I'll be sure to take advantage of being able to tweak at live volumes and with my in-ears. I'll be looking at Brian's WT patches and also I've joined the Facebook group and a guy called 'Alexguitars' seems to release some pretty popular patches. Of course it'd be nice to set my own tone up but I like what those guys are doing with snapshots and creating blocks for swells, big chorus's, etc which I could get some inspiration from. Looking forward to getting stuck into it! Even just from playing quickly at home this morning with headphones I loved the ease and functionality of having a jam with myself and getting a huge amount of sounds I would never have got from my old set up with minimal setup time.
  3. We use in-ears with our own mixes so there'll be no difference in terms of that for the band. But yes, it the amp used to be on the stage with me. Thanks for the rest of the advice, I'll give one of the Vox presets a go and see how I get on. I'll still be taking my normal rig but hoping I won't need it.
  4. Don't worry, it's quite a simple set and I don't need a ton of functionality; just an amp and basic pedals which from the looks of things is dead simple. Sorted out the input query as well so don't worry about that. I'll take my analog gear as a backup but I'm pretty sure I'll get the Helix working quick enough for what I need in a practice after reading some more things and watching more videos. Last question... Does anyone know if it will come with the latest firmware or will I need to do that?
  5. I do know the band mates well, and it's not as brutal as I'm making out. I just don't want to come across like I'm playing with a new toy instead of going through the practice. I assumed it would be easy enough to pick an amp and some effects and plug in with some minor tweaking to the EQ? I'd like to use it tomorrow night so that I can use it for the real thing on Sunday. I play every Sunday so it would give me 2 Sundays in a 'live setting' to try it out and decide whether I need to return it. And if I don't practice with it tomorrow night in that room, I won't have another chance to use it through the PA so will have to skip on using it on Sunday. Like I said, one of the main draws to the Helix has been reducing stage noise so I want to get a good grip on it in that setting.
  6. I've been tossing and turning for a few nights about whether to get a Helix LT and I finally bit the bullet today and ordered one. I plan for this to be a replacement for my analog rig as stage noise is a concern of mine and also I'm hoping it will cure my obsession with looking at pedals I can't afford all the time. So it's been a big decision as I'll have to sell my current amp and pedals if I want to keep the Helix! Hindsight is a glorious thing as if I'd ordered it yesterday like I wanted to (but chickened out), I'd have had all of this evening to tinker with it before band practice tomorrow night. That's not the case anymore though so basically, I'll be receiving it at work tomorrow, taking it home and then going to band practice like an hour later where I'll have to use it for the first time. So what I'm after is a crash course on what I NEED to do as soon as I get it to get workable tone out of it. We don't really have laid back practices so people won't appreciate it if I'm faffing about with my board constantly. So my thoughts were: 1) Make a quick patch at home with a Vox amp that I'm used to and a basic pedal chain which I've seen plenty of videos on how to do. 2) I'm normally mic'd up in the room we use so I assume just unplug the mic, plug it into the back of the Helix, plug my guitar in and I should be coming out of the PA? Is it as simple as that? The bit I'm worried about is people talking about different settings that can drastically change things depending on how you run your setup. So I've heard things like Global EQ, Instrument level, high cut, low cut. What do I and what I don't need to worry about for this first practice if I'm direct into a PA? Also I have NO experience of cabs. Any tips on what I can pick to start with? Like I say, I'll probably use a Vox setup and I play fairly clean to crunchy overdrive, not particularly any distortion or fuzz if that makes any difference. Do I just pick the corresponding Vox cab? Thanks guys! Wish I was going to have more time to play before I need to use it infront of other people! So pumped to have one though. Sam
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