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  1. Quote I'm having the same issue, tuner on my Pod HD500X quit showing line or acknowledging my guitar. I haven't moved the system, and it was working fine about an hour ago. I don't use the Variax at all, and don't even see an "input 1" to be able to switch between variax and guitar - (like the solution that was an apparent fix to the earlier post here). I have great signal from guitar through the Pod, so it's not a cord etc. Any help is appreciated because I have a gig coming up and this is my main squeeze!
  2. Ok!! GOT IT! I was able to reflash & found everything was back!! Thanks for the help and information!
  3. Thanks so much - hurghanico I will check out those links and get back to you about the input settings if I still have questions after... VERY COOL! I've already seen from earlier posts that I have some MORE research/reading to do, so that's my next step - reread some old stuff and then onto the new links you've shared. I appreciate the kindness and information! This is exactly why I turned to the community and PRO/avid users of the POD, to fill in the gaps that the manufacturer left in the directions, and to get (informative) input from you guys! :) THANKS AGAIN!
  4. I’ve played professionally for years all over the country and am a recording artist, - so Yes I know what a setlist is lmbo... but I haven’t spent a lot of time with this particular piece of equipment. I am now semi-retired and bought it along with an entire QSC PA, picked out an Allen & Heath board & a bunch of other toys, and am just getting around to this pedal board, and I found the directions are lacking in particular areas, thus my posting here. I DID read what I found for a manual. No spoon feeding necessary as I am a big girl lol. I was asking for opinions and ideas as to what happens after updating. SO any “helpful†comments are appreciated lol.
  5. Thanks for the quick responses! I'm wondering if I'm missing a way to get to more of them (lists etc) on the pod itself (with the foot switch/buttons)? I don't SEE any of those other tones - especially the BASS ones - at all. That's what I was mainly looking for. I'm guilty of just hopping into using the POD without reading through everything in depth- meaning- I have not memorized all the ways to do things. I found the directions to be lacking in details. Right now I use a few tones for guitar/recording, and a few for live settings, but I've never found the ones I wrote down when I first started using it. I guess I'll plug back into my comp and check out the lists through the computer? Sorry for being so ignorant about this lol - that's why I need help.
  6. Hiya - I bought a New POD HD500X in May, immediately updated and flashed it (with no problems) - question is, Did this completely overwrite ALL original tones? I'm talking the ones that came by default? There were vocals/bass etc besides just guitar amp tones, and I was looking forward to using those - but I'm not finding any of the originals. Am I missing a way to access them, or are they just GONE? I use it, but am just getting around to looking deeper into the HD500X - I listed all the tones before updating it, but I'm not seeing them. I THOUGHT I'd made an backup prior to updating. I didn't download anyone's tones, just did the update.I was under the impression that the update would add SOME new tones, but not that it would completely replace them. Should I start over and set it to default, or what's my options? I only have a few tones I've created, so I'm not worried about losing those. Any help appreciated in advance!
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