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  1. I was told today that my new replacement will be here by Thursday at the latest, I've asked the shop to do the firmware update!
  2. So Yamahe have still left the amp in the shop without any attempt to collect it, they won't send another one out until the last one has been collected. The shop now has my money and my amp and no rush to send me my replacement! I think I might go and get a refund and hunt for a new amp! Very disappointed!
  3. Well, the shop rang me yesterday and told me that the amp will be collected by Yamaha and a new one will be coming out to me. Speedy service from the shop, and I can't complain about that, but will I have to update the firmware again and face the same issues?
  4. I've had my Amplifi 150 for three weeks. In that time I've used it twice before updating and twice afterwards. Now it's the same as all the other on here, dead! Four lights by the Tone button and a dim Bluetooth light. Factory reset won't work. The device isn't recognised by either my Pc or my Mac. I returned it to the shop on Saturday and they were unable to fix it also. They are apparently speaking to the rep today. So far not impressed. £320 for an amp that's been used four times. Let's see what happens!
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