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  1. Just got my Helix (floor) and trying to figure out how to update it and a little confused by the instructions. I appear to have firmware 1.06.5 right out of the box. According to the Latest Helix Firmware (2.30-Nov 21, 2017) thread, it sounds like I should follow the 2.12.2 or Lower instructions which say to use the current existing Helix application, not the current HX Edit application. I thought that might be referring to the prior version of HX Edit, 2.21, but the instructions on the download page for HX Edit 2.21 also say to use your current Helix application before using 2.21. This trend seems to continue through with each prior version of HX Edit. There doesn't appear to be an HX Edit 1.06 if I do need to go back to match the firmware version. The Knowledge Base article on How to update the Helix's firmware says to use the Line 6 Updater but doesn't refer to HX Edit at all. If I'm tracking along with what I'm reading, it sounds like the purpose of using HX Edit is to back up patches, but I haven't yet created any and have just been playing around with the presets. Am I able to just skip the backup process and use the most recent Line 6 Updater and then restart the Helix while holding down footswitches 9 and 10?
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