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  1. Morningstar MC6 has PC Scroll Up and PC Scroll Down. You can set a range which allows you to scroll through a subset of presets. One way you might use the commands is to use ‘Press’ to scroll up and ‘Long Press’ to scroll down, both on the same button/switch. Using CCs 52 & 53 to emulate FS4 & FS5 does preclude using external footswitches, you can still use the port for external expression pedals.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunate but I grok.
  3. I have been using touchOSC to make a controller for the Helix using MIDI over USB. Getting the app to control a parameter has been very straightforward - on the Helix press in the knob for a parameter, select the parameter to be controlled, press Learn Controller and then activate the desired controller in the app. I have been using Kinky Boost because it only has 3 parameters and it is straightforward to control them. So transmitting MIDI from the controller works great. But I would really like to know the state of of a preset and its blocks. The only midi messages I currently see coming from the Helix are the ones generated when entering a preset. Are the Helix equivalents of the Fractal SysEx commands available? https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=MIDI_SysEx
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