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  1. Can someone please put a link for the correct USB cable needed to make this work. Thank you - Chris
  2. So I've been having issues with the spider remote app. Won't let me update, sais something about the cloud. Deleted it and now it will not reinstall. iPhone 6s. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Anyone ever have a problem with cloud update pending? My phone will not update even if it's plugged into my amp. iPhone 6s, updated firmware. Thanks
  4. DJCSMC2017

    V 120

    Awesome!! Glad it worked!!
  5. DJCSMC2017

    V 120

    Scott, did it work? Have you tried yet?
  6. DJCSMC2017

    V 120

    I actually called up there right before I did the update and talked with one of the other salesman and he said he never heard to not update. I was like ummm ok thanks. Plugged in my iPad, opened the spider app and updated. I did however unplug my shortboard just in case. When I was ready to play I got no sound at all. I was like uh oh, I was so excited I never put my g10 in 😂
  7. DJCSMC2017

    V 120

    I updated mine earlier right through my iPad. Took about 5 minutes. So far so good
  8. DJCSMC2017

    V 120

    The website 1.04.0 I'm not sure which version my amp is at the moment.
  9. DJCSMC2017

    V 120

    The guy at my Guitar Center told me not to until further notice.
  10. DJCSMC2017

    V 120

    Hello everyone. When I bought my V120 I was instructed to NOT update the software because of issues Line6 was having. Has this been resolved yet? Should I update?
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