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  1. Oh yea its a real pig up to 50% of my resources causing it to stick in the red of max processing. Studio One 3 pro, AMD 10 2,GHz 8 GB ram 500 gig ssd. I can run some crazy heavy soft synths, recorded tracks, and effects no prob, plug in more than one instance of helix and chug glitch glitch, chug glitch glitch, chug, good thing I have the hardware Helix...Hoping they will get this worked out soon.
  2. I use both on just about every patch I create. I think the real issue comes down to how your using it. If your not big into processing gear and atmospheric type sounds then there is plenty of DSP, but if your into WDW with a lot various effects both pre and post then your going to use the DSP up really fast, which is fine becasue if your into that sort of thing (which I am) then you want tons of other processors anyway such eventide 3000/2016, plus multiple lexicon and TC stuff. I cant tell you how pleased I am with the Helix, extremely powerful (especially considering 30 years ago I bought one of the first ADA Mp1s made and ran it through a midi-verb 2!), easy to use, and best of all, every patch I create simply sounds amazing. It really is remarkable, I can seriously simulate WDW on a stereo cab, of course the effect is a lot greater through 3 separate cabs, but ultimately everything gets summed to stereo anyway.
  3. Definitely under powered for what I need, but that is easily overcome by adding Helix Native (as well as a ton of other cool plugins!) via USB and VST. As a helix owner I picked up Helix Native for just 99.99. I do wish it had more DSP power though, once you add a few cool thing such API eq, la2a comp, and an amp there isn't much left for the back end modulation, delay, and processing wise.
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