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  1. Perfect ! thanks a lot for the answers, I'm all set and look forward to try that warmachine live!
  2. Hi guys, Until now, I've been using an audio interface with BIAS / Guitar Rig type of softwares to records my tracks. Since Helix got out I just dream about that rig, saw an incredible amount of video pointing out how awesome it is. I fell in love with the sounds and its possibilities and I am more than willing to buy one but I have a last question before jumping in the arena. My guitar skills are not over the top and thus, I still use software such as Mymusicteacher to improve myself. I plug my guitar in the interface and its detected by the software, allowing me to get a live feedback on my play. Does anyone know if Helix is compatible with this software ? If plugged in USB does it takes the role of an audio interface ? I'd like to infuse my all rig with Helix and that would be the absolute comfort ! Thanks for taking the time, cheers guys. Fred.
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