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  1. Hi guys! My pod hd500x is not getting any signal from my guitar. The screen and buttons all fine, I can navigate on the screen and I'm able to connect it to the computer. If I connect an MP3 player it works fine but if I connect it to the guitar most of the time no sound coming out at all. Sometimes it works for a few seconds then it starts to crackle then it stops. Tried different lead and guitar, it didn't help.The input, output setup is also fine, I used it for a year with no problem. The most annoying thing is that it stopped working right before a gig and 4 days after it went out of warranty. :( I'm afraid I have to send it to a service which is 300 miles away from me in London and with 80£/hour labor plus postage fees not sure if it's worth it. What do you think? would be grateful for any advice. Thanks
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