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  1. UPDATE: The problem has been solved! I spoke to Jason from the Line 6 support team and he told me that the problem was probably leftover files from the older version of Native. Instead of deleting the plugin from the VST folder, I went to add/remove programs and used the Helix Native uninstaller. After that I installed 1.10 and I was fine!! Thank you Jason from Line 6! Hello everyone! I'm having trouble getting the new update to work in Reaper. I used the previous version of Native just fine, this 1.10 update is the first version that has given me trouble. When I open up the FX/plugins section on my track and add Native to it, I'm greeted with a slightly black tinted window and this error: 8201 I saw that someone was having a similar issue on the previous version so I clicked the gearbox in the bottom left, deauthorized my computer, closed reaper, relaunched it, loaded the Helix Native plugin that was my the track and saw this. I choose authorize and get this. Yay! But then...sadness. A new error arises! I've reinstalled the plugin multiple times and I've still had the same issue. I've restarted my computer and all that...still. The only way I got Native to work was to reinstall the previous version and use that one instead...but I wanna play with the new toys. :( Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'll play around with the Brit!! That's what I was afraid of! Well I'm hoping I can at least get something close that's the best of both worlds, crunchy and clean blended together by two amps! Thanks! Yeah I think the whole song is pretty neat!
  3. Hello fellow Helix users! I'm currently playing around with trying to get a tone that's...uh, how should I put it. I guess you could say I want the swirly sustain-y cleanliness off a Marshall or something but with a some nice crunch/overdrive. I've been at it for a little bit and have come up with some sounds I like but I was hoping that maybe you guys could give me some tips that'll point me in the right direction! I understand there's some panning and mixing stuff going on, but the sound that I'm going for is something similar to the intro before the first verse!
  4. dicator. See your Yamaha DXR User Guide (also available as a PDF), Pages: 7, 8 and 12. Thank you very much for your replies everyone. I appreciate you sharing your experience and always being so helpful!
  5. Hello everyone! I got a Yamaha DXR10 speaker to use with my Helix. I forgot to turn it off before removing the other end of the instrument cable that was plugged into it so it made a loud pop! It wasn't at max volume or anything but it was still pretty loud even at low volume which is what worries me. I'm a very cautious person who likes to worry a lot. Do you think my speaker is damaged? My ear isn't quite trained enough to pick up on any anomalies in the audio that's come out of the speaker after this. Is there some test I can do to make sure it's not damaged and to make sure all the frequencies and hooza-ma-signals are all in order? Thanks.
  6. Maybe you'll find a seller with a nice return policy that'll allow you to return the product if you're dissatisfied! Gotcha! Thank very much for taking the time to share your knowledge with me!!
  7. Y'know, I do like the wedge capabilities of the yamahas. I'm gonna either go with a DXR or DBR! Thanks guys!!
  8. That's currently what I'm leaning towards at the moment. Should I just go ahead and pull the trigger? :P
  9. Thank you for sharing your setups everyone! It's really helped me out in providing me with more choices that I didn't even know about.
  10. I'm having trouble choosing a speaker to go with as I complete my rig. I'm curious, what type of speaker/amp do you guys use in your rig? And what are the dimensions?
  11. Good to know, thanks!!! My only other concern is that if I play it from the case, would the vent at the bottom (at least I think there's one there) be blocked? Any problems with heat? Thanks for the suggestion, seems very affordable! Thanks for going the extra mile with the pictures!! And my final question is you don't have any problem with the helix getting hot in there at all, right? I believe the vents are at the bottom? The roadcaseusa ones seemed very very nice, just heavy. But like you said, I care about protection a lot but if I just take it around in a soft case all the time something's bound to happen to a knob or something! Thanks for sharing your experience!
  12. I was looking for something that was both sturdy and light! The unit probably wouldn't be dented or scratched but does it seem like it could help deal with the shock from a drop? Thanks for the info!! And I keep hearing a lot of praise about the Helix backpack, I might just give in. What do you feel about it justifies the price of it over a gator or hard case? That's exactly what I had in mind, just taking it to friends' places and meetups! Thanks for sharing your experience with it! Do you use this one with an LT?
  13. Hello friends! I've looked all over the internet at different threads and posts and whatnot about what people store their helix in when they take it out and about and I've narrowed it down to these bad boys right here!! I don't really gig or anything, I just wanna take it to friends' houses. Road Case - Seems kind of heavy... PedalBoard Tour thingy - I heard it's too big for the normal Helix and can't stay upright Another Hard one And of course the Helix Backpack by Line 6! Opinions? Suggestions? Something better that I didn't list? I don't really know what to go with...Thanks!
  14. That was my first thought too, I assumed it had something to do with the foot pedal. It is strange that it's not mentioned anywhere.
  15. Hello everyone! I just purchased the Helix LT and took it out of the box and among all the cables and the wrench and doodads, there was this hoozamawhatsit It's rubber and round. Is it important?
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