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  1. crapseven

    Spider Remote?

    OK thank you. I decided to return the Samsung Galaxy Tab and buy a new iPad, So my only question at this point is about the connector. I know the 30 pin is a thing of the past so I am not concerned about that but isn't there two types of new cables? one that is magnetic and one that is not? If so do both types work with this Spider V and Spider Remote app?
  2. crapseven

    Spider Remote?

    I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tablet check the link below. Ran the host test. That looked goos used the OTG adapter The OS never asked me if I wanted to use the device etc as stated It simply booted up my Spider Remote App but something is just not right doesn't seem like I can access my amps controls through the app and when I noticed there was a firmware update and ran it, nothing happened and in the end my tablet crashed to the point where I can't reboot or turn it off. So I started looking at the idea here of returning my tablet and spending the extra money on an iPad but to be honest I prefer android OS and I like the tablet otherwise. The amp seems very good but to me without the remote app It seems to be rather worthless If this app worked well I would love this amp but there seems like a lot of hardware and software conflicts in these threads I am reading. I am at a crossroads. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-galaxy-tab-a-10-1-16gb-black/5364800.p?skuId=5364800
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