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  1. Hi all. Terribly sorry if this has been dealt with before, but my searches have only turned up a lot of wrangling over what should be a pretty straightforward question. At what point does A/D conversion occur in the Line 6 Helix Floor? I'm considering the Helix, but have no interest in amp/cab modeling. I'd prefer to integrate it into my existing setup to replace both my switching system and my delay/verb/modulation pedals. One of the most attractive features of the Helix is its 4 external loops, which I would use for drive pedals or other effects whose unique characteristics I'd like to preserve (for example, EHX micro-synth, Mel9). Does A/D conversion occur at input? If I go gtr -> Helix input -> external loop 1 (overdrive) -> out to amp, how many stages of AD/DA conversion have I incurred, if any? Or does A/D conversion only take place when DSP blocks are applied? Not interested in discussions about true bypass; not interested in debates about whether the AD/DA conversion is audible or creates significant latency. I am capable of deciding that for myself. I would just like to know when and under what circumstances conversion comes into play. Thanks in advance, and again, sorry if I'm retreading old ground, but as yet I've been unable to find the hard answer which doubtless exists.
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