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  1. I have a question that I hope I can get a quick response too, do you still have the FBV3 pedal board? If so, do you have a button under the volume foot pedal that clicks on and off for the wah effect? I have the board, but where that button should be is sealed off, with a steal fastner. I have contacted LINE 6 and where I bought it, but curious to know if other users have this feature? As advertised? I appreciate any insight you have on it, thanks, Roland
  2. I am struggling to find direct directions on how to use my new peddle board for my Firehawk, tHE fbv3 is the devil lol! I can't seem to get the wah to find a home for the FS set button my peddle board, I want to use my wah and hit when I need it not stumble through with my ipad, that is the whole point of having a floor board. ANYone know how to do this, also, HOW do you delete a loop, it is not easy, I appreciate anyones help thanks!
  3. Does anyone know how the USB works if at all for direct recording from the amp using the USB connection? I am using the Presonus Audio box II and it is connected to my PC win 10, and I have downloaded the updater driver and can see my Firehawk 1500 on the pc in the LINE 6 updater window. However, there is no driver or updates that I know of for the interface so that the amp can communicate with the DAW. Usually, you hook up the amp to the pc or the audio interface, and it will recognize the amp and you are on your way. What am I missing here. I had some other users state that MONKEY line 6 can do this, but it doesn't list firehawk 1500 as a part of its support. Someone please confirm if this is doable or am I wasting my time? All of the other modeling amps can do this, and the amplifi can as well, PLEASE help, thanks! Roland
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