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  1. I'm playing through an Eastman Jazz elite archtop, so definitely not a strat ;). I've tried the twin but the only IR I have is that of a JC-120, and I think a lot of what I'm missing is from picking the right cab IR. As far as eq goes, I'm pretty lost. I've heard cut the mids, crank the mids, cut the treble, crank the treble, cut the bass, crank the bass. Typically when I dial in my tone on any given amp I put the mids 60-70% of the way up, bass at 60%, and treble around 30-40%. I'm not very good at eqing- did you have any ideas about how to eq to match the response of a Polytone?
  2. My guitar teacher has an old Polytone Minibrute IV that just makes every guitar you plug into it sing. Some of my favorite players have played through Polytone amps to great effect (Jim Hall, Joe Pass, etc). I'm trying to recreate that sound with my helix, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas/tips about achieving that tone. Here's a reference tone I found on youtube:
  3. I just bought a Helix LT, and I'm having issues trying to use Helix as an interface. I'm sending the XLR out as a line level to my Rokit 5's, and also sending my USB to my computer. When any audio signal comes out of my computer, through the helix, and out to the Rokit 5's, there's a bunch of crackling and popping. I have the volume set quite low, I've isolated the helix, computer, and monitors each to their own outlet, I've changed the USB cable around to various USB ports on my computer. It happens if I playback stuff I've recorded in Reaper, when I watch anything on YouTube, and during normal system sounds, but it doesn't happen at all when I'm just using the speakers to directly monitor the Helix. On a side note, does anyone else find that any signals sent through the USB are really low? My amp is set to 10 on the channel and master, and 5 on the drive, and the signal is incredibly weak compared to the signals coming out of the computer.
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