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  1. The IRIg HD2 does have the amp out, that should work for testing the front end of the amp.
  2. I will also try going into the effects return too using an amp sim with no IR or cabinet.
  3. So I wouldn’t be demoing the 4 cable method, too many variables. I’m thinking of using pedal type effects at first.... dirt pedals, phasers, effects like that, no cab or amp sims. I have an older Presonus Firepod, but have no dongle for my mac. I’ll be testing using the Irig HD2 for this. So into the irig, into native using reaper as a host, back out and into the front of my TH30. That’s my tomorrow project anyways. I’ll tell you I love what I’m hearing using just Native through my monitors though. I probably will buy it taking advantage of the 30 day guarantee, I was thinking of that too.
  4. Hi All, So I'm seriously considering a Helix Floor unit after long swearing off any and all Line 6 products as bedroom practice tools. It's pricey, and I feel I really need to run it through the motions if I'm to sell off some analog gear to pay for this. Everything I've seen and heard regarding the Helix is fantastic. Current situation - I really like my current amp tone - Orange TH30 and also have a Fender Deluxe Reverb and have some nice pedals. I play mostly heavier music, but also play rockabilly and use lots of vintage and clean tones. Sick of tap dancing, like the idea of using patches to toss lots of switches at once... plus new pedals are costly and I can't be buying pedals every month like I wish I could. I'm looking to the Helix for studio & practice play through monitors or headphones at home, as well as with the band through my Orange. (Mostly metal tunes along the lines of the stoner genre, High on Fire, Mastodon, Baroness). I'd like to use the 4 cable method so I can use Helix effects in front of the amp, then out of the loop and back in for post pre-amp effects as well possible bypassing the Orange pre-amp all together for some patches. Keeping my amps, will sell of some pedals if the floor unit convinces me. What I'm wondering - Can I use the Helix Native demo through an interface then into the front of the amp as a good test to wether or not I'm going to love the floor unit? I figure IF it's a mostly apples to apples to in terms of testing the frontend effects, it might help qualify my decision. Will this be a good test or a waste of time? I guess I could also test going from the interface straight into my Orange's effects return to test the amp sims. Any thoughts on doing this would be gladly appreciated!