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    The Looper

    I'm a live looper. Are you telling me that after playing a song, every time I stop my loop and go to to delete it, the audience is forced to hear two seconds of loop playback, just so I can erase it? This needs to be fixed ASAP! Maybe once you're creating a loop, the expression pedal can be a dedicated loop output volume control? It'd be nice to fade the loop out. And then you could erase a loop without ridiculously having to hear two seconds of it.
  2. Actually that's not true. I used my Amplifi last night at a show, and ran a line from the headphone out to the PA. During our break, I was playing songs from my iPhone, to the Amplifi via Bluetooth, and the songs were playing thru the PA. Handy feature! I just wish there was an option to have the speaker on or off when using this output, instead of it bypassing the speaker entirely. Would be nice for playing on stage for some stage volume and a line out send to the PA.
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