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  1. Just got mine and turned it on. Same problem for me. I tried my Firehawk USB cable into the 2.0 USB and it worked fine. Whew!!! Firmware 2.53.
  2. suedehead99 - They work great and are much easier to hit than the normal 3/8" wide buttons. Play barefoot? The name does not lie. I'm thinking about getting the smaller ones for the front row too. If you have a spare $50, go for it.
  3. These look great! I just got 5 of the same in the picture. I saw international shipping was $10. I also have elevated the back of my board with 3 of these: They lifted the back of the board quite a bit. Ace hardware had the right screws and small washers to attach them for pennies. I like the added glow of the acrylic. This is gonna be great!!
  4. I have the drop out too. I limit it by not having the blue-tooth on when I use it. I also have the luxury of a second guitar player so I can usually make sure that I pause my playing to accommodate the loss and jump in as the patch returns. I have also elevated my board by adding two 1.5 inch rubber feet I found online to the back end and longer screws from Ace Hardware. Makes it easier to reach the effects buttons and use each patch as a new pedal board. I have 5 different sounding patches all with boost delay reverb and usually modulation if I do not have a second distortion there. I stay on the same patch the entire song most of the time. How often do you change amps back and forth? One of my patches is a pretty good delay/lead sound and I switch to that and back using the pause method or guitar volume control to back off until I can find a spot to pause and change patches. Long winded, I know, but I hope I helped. BTW I am using a Peavey Piranha using the 4 cable method and a Carvin cab with 2 v 12's. Sceamin' loud for outside and the FH keeps my tones intact at low volumes for indoor gigs. I like it a lot and would go to the Helix if I could afford it, but for now I am happy and the FH has more effects, amps and sounds than I know what to do with.
  5. I guess just because I think one of these would be the cat's lollipop, doesn't mean every one else does. Thanks for the insight guys. One of these will help me not have to go out and get more guitars for different situations. I did a major downsize about 6 years ago when I was out of work and am starting to play again. I just got a firehawk and am delving into that to save on all the fancy pedals. So far so good there. This will be for the guitar gap. I'll just have to stay alert when they come in to get a nicer top.
  6. Yes. That's where I first saw a place that shows the actual tops for each guitar for comparison. Plus they set it up for you for free. Nothing worse than getting a new guitar that's not playable out of the box. What part of the serial number is the date? The first two numbers? They have good financing available there too. I signed up for notify me when they are in stock so I'm still hopeful.
  7. I see the dates for the JTV - 59's, particularly the cherry sunburst, keep getting pushed farther and farther out. I'm looking to get one and I've almost "settled" several times in the last couple of months. It's not encouraging when the online stores change the expected time from "coming soon" or showing a date to "there is an exceptionally long shipping delay on this item, order yours now!". I'm not ordering until I see the tops available. Some I have seen online are pretty bad, whereas others are quite striking. Some retailers actually show the serial number and the pictures of the actual guitar and not a stock photo. This is where I will buy. I wish there was more of a flow from Line 6 on these guitars. They are obviously in demand and I hope I do not see a price hike if and when the new ones come in.
  8. Mine worked before the firmware update. I'm afraid to back out and update again since I had a lot of problems getting it to update in the first place.
  9. I have the same problem. I have to restart the unit and reconnect w/bluetooth. I cannot load any tones from the cloud however. Not very happy with this being seemingly ignored by Line 6 because the issue has come up in some other threads. I have just been creating my own tones from scratch which is good, I've learned a lot, but it's nice to have a head start. Using latest firmware and a Dragon touch M8.
  10. I just have my tube amp on the clean channel with the eq all straight up. Use the channel volume for overall volume(living room or jam session) and the Firehawk to tweak levels further and use the onboard EQ. I haven't tried it in the effects loop because I'm getting good results this way.
  11. We'll all be happy in the US that you guys finally get your new gadgets. I'm having blast with mine and I've only had it a week. I'm not gigging so it's all fun and games to me right now.
  12. It would be nice to be able to just replace the patches needed instead of all of them. Maybe have an option to just move the ones desired and a destination.
  13. meuste

    The Looper

    Calm down Duckie, it was a typo, it says 1.1. The looper appeared on my chain after I updated my app and I was up all night with the neighbor jamming to it. That thing is the cat's lollipop! He came pounding on my door at 1 am. I thought he wanted me to turn it down. Turns out his company left and he thought I had a couple of people over jamming. Had the guitar on one loop, used the bass on the second and played lead over both. Cooool!!! I have to figure out a way to inject some drums.
  14. meuste

    The Looper

    Dope! :blink: Figured it out...
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