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  1. ninecows

    Helix Native Trouble

    Found out you should put in the username and not e-mail. Then it worked
  2. ninecows

    Helix Native Trouble

    Same here. Latest version of Reaper on Mac OSX 10.12.6. So frustrating
  3. ninecows

    Connecting FX100TT to Bluetooth Speaker

    Ah. So I could get the Amplify app to stream the music to my system (and it's received as AirPlay and not Bluetooth). But the sound of the guitar does not play on my system. I can hear the mix of music and guitar on the headphones all fine, but not through my Harman Kardon system. I guess a solution could be to wire the L/R output of FX100 to my system using old analog copper wires ;-)
  4. ninecows

    Connecting FX100TT to Bluetooth Speaker

    I cant get it to work on my fx100. I have a harmon kardon BDS-580 surround system that has Bluetooth playback capability. I can select the harman kardon (listes as Blu ray) on the settings page under device selection, but I get no sound.