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  1. Malfunction confirmed. Dealer's gonna get me a new one as a replacement.
  2. I hear ya. I went through the same thing. I hooked up the Helix to my tube amp and monitor myself. Took quite a while to get satisfied with the sound but it was possible. But then I was curious as to what I was missing with an FRFR speaker. As soon as I got one it was much easier for me to dial in the sound I wanted. The convenience is well worth it for me and it totally improved my experience. Try the Yamaha DXR10. There's a recent thread on it I just read up on which you probably already saw. At the end of the day, you just want to be happy and validate your purchase. It's a good decision and a great product but that's just its nature. Hope you find what best complements your Helix. I know you will because a majority of us have.
  3. For a 10", consider the Alto TS210 as an option. Some Helix owners in this forum are quite satisfied by it.
  4. I just got a reasonable 12" FRFR speaker in my bedroom and the improvement in sound quality made me enjoy Helix even more.
  5. To me it happens when scrolling up or down not only in choosing presets but everything else, blocks, renaming, etc. - the joystick would lag, skip or jump. I thought it was just typical lag and it was simply loading up the next item but no. It only happens with the Joystick, the Preset knob behaves normally.
  6. Good idea, I was about to do this same test so I can replicate the problem accurately when I bring it to my dealer. Going back to that 'notch', what alarmed we was a couple of days ago I could still wiggle within that notch and the menu would respond. I thought that since the unit is new if I kept using it normally it would loosen up and improve but it became worse. Now it doesn't scroll the menu up or down at all on that spot when I turn one click in both directions. True. I've searched the forums and found another owner(s) who encountered a scrolling problem that resulted in a total malfunction down the line.
  7. Hi all, My issue is in regards to the behavior of the joystick when turning. Everything is fine when scrolling fast but when I stop on an item and I turn clockwise/counterclockwise by one notch the joystick will not cycle up or down the menu. Mechanically, I can feel it 'click' a notch but the menu screen is not affected by the motion. But when I turn it by two notches, it highlights the next option on the menu screen. I also noticed that when I turn the joystick continuously, it will skip and jump highlighted items. It seems like there's particular notch/notches that has no 'bite'. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks in advance.
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