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  1. Yeah, the Helix modulation section seems deficient. I expected to find a completely parameterized mod engine, with specific unit sims as default patches on top of it, like the amps. All we get is a baked-in selection of historical mod unit sims (and not a very flexible list of examples either). Poor form, Line 6. Mod-heads expect better.
  2. So how about an envelope-controlled phaser or chorus? Is it possible to somehow "tweak" things to add envelope control to a block model that doesn't already have it built in?
  3. Excellent! Thanks again! Just getting started, dipping a toe in, these waters get pretty deep pretty fast! :D
  4. Cool thanks. I'll pretend I understand what that means and nod my head and smile and go read the manual more. Thanks. :D
  5. Hi just received my Helix haven't even set it up yet, but a dumb newbie question - can it be rigged to receive stereo input (from say, a Roland GR-55) via the fx Return inputs 1 and 2? Or maybe using the guitar and aux input? I've been digging at the manual but not finding anything obvious.
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