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  1. Hi. I'm a hd500x newbie. Here's my question: Let's say that I looped a whole chord progression, and overdubbed it with nice sounds and rythems. Can I some how save that looped-recording? That way I can get back to playing my improv. on the said progression - without having to record it anew every time the unit is turned off. I'm not talking about a real project with my DAW, could there be another, easier, way of saving/recording my loops? I'm hoping that someone on this forum could help me out. Thanks.
  2. I just got my pod hd500x. It works great, but I can't operate the looper. Actually, it did work just this one time - and then I've moved to some other preset and it was gone. After that, the looper did't work anymore. So I know that the problem is not with the looper footswitch. Must be something to do with my twicking - I'm new to all these technology. Can someone tell us what to do? thanks.
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