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  1. Of course Iv'e experimented with mic placements! :) Silverhead-I just choose the pod in cubase's device setup...
  2. Yes, I forgot to mention-I always adjust the mic trim to about 90%, so it's strong, but doesn't distort. I'll give the vintage pre-amp a try and hope for the best. Thanks guys!
  3. Hey there My HD500 is my sound card when recording guitar. My signal path is: guitar>>marshall jvm410h>>framus 212 V30>>shure sm57>>pod hd500>>cubase 5. Problem is-my level is a bit low and my sound a bit flat. I do not use any amp sims or effects in the pod. The patch I use when recording with this setup is completely blank. Do you people have any suggestion as to what I might add in order to make the sound more vivid and loud? (of course, I use proper mic placement and amp volume-I've seen all the right youtube videos-Ola, SMG, Bruce Ryan etc). Maybe I should add a preamp or somehting on my pod? I mostly record metal, but also some blues and rock. Thanks!
  4. Hey there I would like to buy the UX2, but have to know 2 things before I do: 1. Can I simultaneously record 2 guitar tracks on it on my Cubase 5, if the first guitar will be through my HD500 via XLR and the second one through the instrument input and into the podfarm? 2. How would you honestly rate its quality as a sound card, in terms of preamps etc? Would you record a home made album on it? Thanks!
  5. Hey there I have the HD500 I cannot get my wah pedal to work. whenever I press the toe switch, it just goes to 100% wah and stays there. I've properly assigned the controls and have calibrated the pedal. Nothing works. Other patches work just fine with the wah, it just wont let me make any new ones. Thanks!
  6. Hello I use my HD500 as a sound card (it's my only one), and would like to know if there's a way I can still use it as a sound card, record a clean track on it on my Cubase 5 for further manipulation, but still hear my usual presets? Needless to say-my signal chain is Guitar>>Pod HD500>>Computer via USB. Thanks!
  7. I see. Do I have to make any adjustments to the volume levels (guitar, variax etc.)? Since the HD isn't specifically built for this task (I think), wouldn't I get a better tone using the UX series? Thank you!!
  8. Hello everyone. I have been using my HD500 as a direct audio interface, which means that I have recorded my guitar tracks with it on my Cubase 5, and all the guitar sounds came from it. My question is-can I use it as I would use a UX1/UX2? I want to mic my marshall amp and use the HD as an audio interface ONLY, without it having any affect over my sound. Is that possible? If so-how will I set it up? Thanks!
  9. Hi there Iv'e been working with my HD500 and Cubase 5 for some time now, but I can't figure out how to use my computer's speakers while recording. The only way I hear myself in real time is if I plug into the headphone jack of the HD500. Just to be clear-I'm using it as a direct sound card, no other sound cards present. Thanks!
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