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  1. Mnztrl

    Helix crashes in Cubase 9 Pro

    Perhaps a Firewall issue?
  2. Never mind, I figured it out. The ethernet connector in the cable was slightly off in both ends. I was able to connect it by unscrewing the cover and separating the ethernet connector and the metal casing, and connecting then one after the other. The ethernet connector won't stay in place though, I fear I'll have to go through this process every time the cable is connected. Is this a common problem with the Variax cables?
  3. Hi, This might be a stupid question, but I just bought myself a Variax (JTV 69 S) and a Helix LT, along with a Variax Cable. For the life of me, I can't connect the cable, neither to the Variax, nor to the Helix. The cable simply won't fit into the Variax socket. Am I missing something obvious? Are there different types of Variax interfaces? Or are the cable defective somehow?
  4. Mnztrl

    Helix crashes in Cubase 9 Pro

    I remember reading a similar problem concerning Ableton Live. The solution was apparently to uninstall either the VST2 or the VST3 version. As Cubase 9 of course is VST3 compliant, perhaps give uninstalling the VST2 version a go?
  5. Mnztrl

    Helix Native

    Exciting news! Just got my Helix LT and absolutely loving it so far!