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  1. "If you intend to use HXN as some sort of switch-controllable software for performance (creating a low-cost Helix), you may face hurdles. It might work, it might not. I would suggest you experiment with the demo before buying to avoid disappointment." Doesn't Helix have Analog to digital i/o, a big interactive screen and a massive array of buttons to correspond to the software? I have no desire for that whatsoever. I just want midi implementation to control parameters with a controller, comparable to the Behringer FCB1010 and Guitar Rig. " I would suggest you experiment with the demo before buying to avoid disappointment." Yeah, thanks. I'm checking out the Pacer for a number of different applications.
  2. That's a real interesting point. Maybe a fair one. I have the Guitar Rig plugin in my DAW and it has extensive MIDI capabilities for hardware 3rd party controller/footswitches. I looked at the way Line 6 defines HXN and it is, indeed, in fairly strict terms - paraphrasing, e.g., a tool for taking your software creations to your hardware. I would pay $$ for a MIDI competence upgrade to Native that's comparable to the ancient and humble Guitar Rig.
  3. I got an email from Nektartech after inquiring as to whether or not their Pacer foot controller would work with H Native. He said it is very odd that HN doesn't respond to program change messages and the only CC that responds is CC69 with values of 0-7 that allows the selection of Snapshots. It has a menu for assigning MIDI CCs to parameters but it won't let you actually choose any of the CCs which the Hellx hardware uses to bypass blocks. That's very very very very limiting. It's apparent to me that Line 6 wants to maintain its Helix hardware market. Us HN users probably won't have good control function for Native until L6 puts one out, maybe one that they can make proprietary. This product has been out a long time. I'd say, given the response from Nektartech, get used to waiting or forget about it.
  4. Ooh. Great tip. Thanks for the post. I have yet to place an actual physical pedal before A/D conversion and HN, but it will be interesting to try a boutique pedal or 2 and then play with the various amps.
  5. Thanks. I use L 10.4 myself. But haven't had time to download the new Helix.
  6. I own the full suite of Soundtoys, Eventide and a large number of other 3rd party plugins such as Waves and Softube. It would be really really cool, if I could insert say, Radiator and Decapitator from Soundtoys, or H3000 from Eventide before the effects hit the Line 6 modeled amp. Imagine tweaking a Neve Eq modeled plugin or a vintage Altec 1567 modeled amp plugin for added tweakage. [splort!] Talk about sculpting in the studio!
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