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    My Tones and Tone cloud in Spider V Remote for PC & Mac

    Im just curious. i have a galaxy s7 and that thing likes to update every 2 weeks, so no problem with the operating system there. using an otg adapter that came with the phone, along with a printer cable (which im reading is working for others with older lollipop) it originally connected but the only thing that worked was music playback through the smp (spider v30) i updated the amp itself through my computer and now it wont connect or even play music at all. i since updated to ever version of the software on the amp through the computer and am having no luck at all. does not make sense to have to buy older tablets and what not. thanks line 6 for not using wireless/bluetooth technology thats been around for years, or adding a cable(s) with the amp that probably cost you 37 cents.
  2. louiemalf6987

    How do you use the remote app for the spider V?

    Kinda stinks that it's not wireless but that's ok. Sucks that the very inexpensive otg adapter is not included for Android devices. I'm seeing all sorts of different type of adaptors so I'm curious. The otg adapter I'm looking for had to plug into the computer side to go from that to USB and than from USB to phone (micro) ? I just don't want to by the wrong cable because everything I see to plug into the "phone" side would make me have to get a different usb cable. Thanks in advance.