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  1. Hello - Embarrassed!!!!! So I just got this new tube head and the fx loop is switchable on and off and it was off thus no sound. Stupid me. Im getting it though.
  2. Thanks for the speedy response. I was actually hoping it was ignorance on my part and not hardware malfunction. can you recommend a good vid to watch on this? Im sure i have something else messed up or am expecting it to act differently. Now with the fx loop enabled, get dry tone even though I have the delay after the fx loop module and it is tuned on. But then if I turn off the fx loop module, I get zero sound. So, all I want is to simply use the amps tube gain structure but be able to tell it what fx go in from of gain stage like screamer and others that belong after gain stage like delay - verb etc. Maybe Im going about this wrong
  3. I must be missing something... I cant seem to get the fx loop to function. Here is my cable connection path. Guitar into hd500x guitar in. 1/4 out left mono to amp. FX send to amp fx loop in. Amp fx loop out to hd500x fx return left mono. I have no amp sim as I am using pre amp of the amplifier. After the mixer in 500x edit I placed the fx loop and it is enabled. after that I placed a delay from my 500x. The mix of the fx loop is at 50%. Even though the delay is after the fx loop, the delay is still going into the signal chain to my amps input rather than the fx loop. I even tried leaving the fx loop and delay on and unplugged the cables for the loop from the amp and I'm still getting delay. I though everything after the fx loop should only be routed through the loop but this is not whats happening. I cant get anything to be post gain on my amp. I'm at a loss. this should be simple. Any help is greatly appreciated. TY
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