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  1. The genuflecting remark was a metaphor for just that attitude :)
  2. So basically... genuflecting...?
  3. Hi Just curious as to whats in the pipelines for the Variaxes? Is there any way of getting updates? News? Regards /Bo
  4. Thanks I was kinda hoping for a simpler fix. Tried it yesterday on the Tele + Strat sounds. Still think the levels are way too low. Regards /Bo
  5. Hi Is is just me or is the overall volume on the Variax really low? My Squier Tele with Dimarzios has three times the output level of the Variax Tele. The Strat is a frekken joke. Im having trouble hearing what Im playing while Im recording BTW. Im recording through a Centrance Axeport Thanks /Bo
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