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  1. I have the same issues on 2 different Yamaha basses. the G10s just seems to slide out when playing.
  2. Hey Martin, I also submitted a service request and they have contacted me. I have to call the local distributor to try and get a replacement. thanks for including me on your other post.
  3. I received my G10 system at Christmas (Dec 25/2018) , and for some strange reason, it just stopped charging... I use it twice a week for about avg of 2 hours. After reading many messages on here, I can't seem to find my answer. so here is what's happening with my G10 system . : - Plug in the G10T in Base... Looks, good, the G10 Transmitter flashers RED and the Receiver glows white - After 1/2 hour, the G10T Transmitter stops flashing (emitting no lights) a,d the Receiver starts flashing Red I tried let it charge overnight, but the G10T transmitter never gets to Green. I also tried updating the G10 system using the Line6 Updater 1.16 and the updater wont allow me to use it... All I get is a black screen with "Select Device to Update". I've tried the updater on 2 different computers using Windows 10 (Home & Enterprise). Windows is not recognizing the G10 when plugged in to the computers... Any help would be greatly appreciated
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