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  1. Hi! I had similar situation! Try to connect with other shorter USB cable, without USB HUB. I had long USB cable, and couldn't do update.
  2. Thank you for reply! Sounds interesting! :-) I will try also use ABY pedal, so I can split original guitar sound to 2 outputs to get two sounds at the same time. One cable from ABY goes to FIREHAWK FX input and then to amp with all effects, and other to mixing console for record clean sound for reamping later.
  3. Hi! Please can someone help me with setup. I would like to plug my guitar in Firehawk FX and get two output sounds ( at the same time - in real time): 1. one totaly clean guitar sound without any effects ( "dry" - unaltered sound ) that can record with my PC through mixing console while playing ( for reamping later ) 2. second sound with all effects and amp models ( "wet" sound ) that goes to my amp that i can record sound with all effects ( to amps return in fx loop ) What would be the best way to connect cables from Firehawk FX to amp and to mixing console and how to setup position of FX loop in Firehawk REMOTE APP. Thank you! :-) Mark
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