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  1. My Firehawk was working fine until I saw an update needed.Since that it has gone nuts!I have to do factory reset just to get it on.Is there a way to redo?It also has to warm up.
  2. Also pedal has to warm up sometimes to get it to do restore.
  3. I did update on Firehawk.Since then I've had to do factory reset to get pedal to power on.It will turn on but one red flashing light is all I get until I reset.Anybody help a guy out?
  4. I downloaded updates for my Firehawk.Ever since doing so it locks up when turned on(everytime)It shows vol.30...The Bluetooth light doesn't come on not anything else.Factory reset is only way to get it on.Then I of course lose all my stored banks.Any help out there would be appreciated.

  5. Have to play in the morning service can anyone help?
  6. My Firehawk is flashing load error-41cant get it to do anything at all help😬
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