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  1. I finally returned my FX100 for a new Firehawk Same problem but at least I can live edit my tones with this one I updated to the last version of iOS and then now everything is fine. I am pretty sure this iOS update will fix your problem guys. Just make sure reinstalling the remote app after update
  2. Uninstalling and reinstalling app OR restoring iOS DO NOT change anything. I tried to reset network settings, the app start syncing but freezes until a time out message. I tried 3 time and always the same result. Waiting for an official iOS release now and hoping it will work again
  3. I use the 2.60.2 last app with the 2.60 firmware (2.61 do NOT exist). Then it always displays "device not connected" with my iPhone but works fine with a friends iPhone+ with the same configuration. Both phones have been updated to ios11. Someone knows how to fix it?
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