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  1. Just an update, Line 6 wants to swap out my unit. No explanation as to what it could be. I got it right after it came out so not sure if they think it’s a problem with the first batch...such a pain.
  2. An update that is kind of bad news and hoping I at least get some feedback from Line 6 which I will share if I do. I really have grown to love the HX however for my use, this is a big miss. Line 6 advertises this as an interface specifically to work with the iPad but that’s not really accurate unfortunately. I suspect anyone who uses an iPad would say GarageBand IOS is the standard Daw for it (although there are plenty of 3rd party ones that seem to work). As a heavy Mac user, I really need to use GB as it allows cloud storage and I can just open from my MacBook Pro and keep working on the file, really that’s my main workflow. For a lot of reasons other than the HX I bought the brand new iPad Pro yesterday ( also greatly hoping it would work with GB on iOS). Long story short, exact same issue and the HX will not record although it is recognized. As previously mentioned, exact same settings work on an iPhone 8 so really puzzling. i can use the iPad and GB fine with my Apogee interfaces so this has to be fixable and appears to be an HX Stomp issue with GarageBand on iPad plain and simple. I opened a ticket with Line 6 and will update if I hear anything but cmon, either fix this L6 or stop misleading people by promoting it as a device that works with iPads because it doesn’t work with iPads native daw.
  3. I can absolutely confirm it works on GB on iPhone 8, not on iPad with the same file. See this screen grab...track 1 with waveform was my iPhone. Saved to iCloud, reopen on my iPad, track 3...flatline with no sound.
  4. I too have this problem and posted on TGP but no answer. My iPad is relatively new (Generation 5), it’s driving me crazy. Ironically, I can save the project in iCloud, open the same GB IOS file up on my iPhone 8 with identical settings and it works? iPad, no input signal, iPhone full signal. If I use another interface on the ipad (apogee one), it works. I’m interested in any fix! It has to be a GB on IOS issue with HX Stomp.
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