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  1. I am kind of disappointed by Line6. I opened a ticket and they replied the problem is not known. The likelihood of a knob failing is very low. And several people having to fail knob 4 after a specific event (3.5 update) should be insanely low. It is way more likely that some kind of bug is causing this. Even when only a few people are affected.
  2. I don't think I will try the downgrade. Does not seem worth it. Still very strange why we have the same problem. Both knob 4, after the update. What a coincidence. Repairing this surely will be very expensive. So I am not willing to do that either. If the update ist not the cause, what is it? So many people have these devices. Are we the only two who experienced this issue?
  3. Very strange. I wonder if the knob not working anymore is known problem in generell? I dont use the device that much. It is only on a floor in a normal room. So, a damage due to transportation or whatever should not be possible. I wait for the result you get, when the device is downgraded. Since the LT is popular, more people should have this problem
  4. Hello, i have exactly(!) the same problem. After the 3.5 Firmware update the 4th knob is not working anymore. It is like adauria described it. I also own the Helix LT. Help much appreciated. Thanks!
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