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  1. I'm with you on this... I used to troll Craigslist daily for gear. I rarely bought things, but I often daydreamed about picking up some more pedals or another amp. Until I got the Helix LT I was very close to adding a Mesa Boogie Fillmore to my collection. Now when I look at the Craigslist the only things I really drool over are the occasional cool electric or acoustic guitar. For background, I'm not a huge pedal guy, but my performance rig (also a church musician) consisted of about 10 pedals or so and a Fender Supersonic 22 combo. I had maybe another 15 pedals of various sorts at the house, plus 4 more amps of various sizes and types. Now I just bring the Helix back and forth, using it with cheap studio monitors at home for practice, and going direct to the house at church. I feel no urge to add any pedals or amps to my stable, and would probably be comfortable parting with some, though I almost never sell gear. Thank you Line 6! -Andrew
  2. It would be cool to allow customization, though I see the need for precision for some parameters. For delay, though, my MO is to get close enough with tap tempo, then use the knob to adjust from there (using BPM setting and assigning values to be assigned per snapshot). -Andrew
  3. For the record, my buddy Al and I spent many hours in his basement working through a few of the projects in your book "Electronic Projects for Musicians" back in the early 1990s. I learned the basics of electronic circuits and components from that book. It sent me on quite a few trips to Radio Shack. Thank you for writing it, Craig! -Andrew
  4. You could screen shot the librarian view (presets tab, obv) in HX Edit, paste it into a word processor, and print it out.
  5. OK, thanks - I will try and do that when I get around to it! -Andrew
  6. Wow, this is incredibly cool and I never would have thought of it! I've been using Onsong forever, but am new to the Helix. Once I really get my presets dialed in, I just may give this a shot. Thanks for posting it! -Andrew
  7. Nice, good thought... I'm sure it's related to capacitance contact. Yes, I am sure I'm on 3.1. I bought used, so not sure I can open a support ticket. -Andrew
  8. Agreed - would love to buy this book when it comes out! -Andrew
  9. Thanks. I am on the latest firmware and HXEdit versions. I am also using latching, not momentary switching. I definitely notice it more when using my hands or bare feet to switch, but if the issue was supposedly resolved it is still doing it for me in 3.10. -Andrew
  10. Hi folks, New to Helix LT but really digging it. I've learned a whole bunch reading here but I have a question I can't seem to find anywhere. I have a patch that has 2 amps in it, both amps assigned to one of the stomp pedals. I want it to behave such that when the light is off, the amp1 is active and amp2 is inactive. When I stomp it, that switches so that amp2 is active and amp1 is inactive, turning the colored light on. This is basically how I have it working now, however, I have noticed that the behavior occasionally reverses itself such that when amp2 is active and amp1 is inactive, the light is on (and vice-versa). I have discovered that I can switch this by touching the footswitch, but I am not sure why this is happening (maybe I am accidentally touching the switch at the wrong time). Does anyone know how this is supposed to work and what I can do to prevent the light status assignment to stay a certain way (amp2 on / amp1 off - light on, and vice-versa)? Maybe why it keeps switching? -Andrew
  11. I will add that I am a new Helix LT owner and church worship musician. I used a relatively inexpensive pair of studio monitors and pretty loud volumes to setup some of my patches initially. I tested them out through my church PA last night for the time. While I did a tiny bit of tweaking once I was there and going direct to the front of house via a mono XLR (mic level, volume knob disabled for the XLR outs), it sounded pretty good and pretty close to how it sounds through my monitors. I even got some complements on my tone from several band mates. The sound guy actually found that this setup gave him a lot more flexibility with volume and EQ adjustment than he typically experiences when micing a real amp, so it's a win/win. -Andrew
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