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  1. Wow, I didn't know that, thanks... doing it right now!
  2. I know, I'm just tossing ideas, maybe in v1.50 in 2024? lol Thanks for the reply, anyway!
  3. I have a few more suggestions: I'd love a stereo pannable plate reverb, you could call it "sunrise sound" lol While we're at it, maybe the MXR 6-band eq? Saving fx presets in pod go edit? A "return to default" in effects, amps etc... I'm attaching an attempt at Panama, recorded with the pod go... It's a wonderful kit, if you manage to overcome the economy of features. Cheers! Panama Attempt
  4. That's a pity... it'd be super useful for me. I use the PG live, and I love snapshots for the gapless tone changes, but I have two issues: 1) the inability to change from clean to dirty using snapshots, which I've kinda solved by turning off the amp, changing the IR and adding a minotaur and some eq to create a nice clean tone. It would be much easier if an amp had a "channel switch" or if the drive went from clean to distorted, but none of the amps has either. But it's fine, I managed to get a clean sound anyway. 2) I have to use a few presets to play all songs. One preset covers most songs (4 most common snapshots). If I had 6 snapshots I'd only need one preset, or maybe two to cover all my needs, but I'm using 5 presets to be able to play all songs using snapshots. But thanks for the reply anyway! I've been using line 6 modelers since 2003 onstage (first a pod xt bean with a midi controller, then a pod x3 live, a pod hd500 and now the pod go). ps.: Just found out something else I'd find useful: being able to move snapshots around. Replacing snapshot 1 with 3, for instance. I have a preset ready but found out that the "lead" snapshot would be better placed next to "rhythm" (instead of the upper row buttons), but I can't just move it.
  5. Would it be possible to have 6 snapshots? Maybe using external foot switches? Or is it beyond the capabilities of the unit? Thanks!
  6. Thanks but I asked for Bill's opinion! I know what a global eq does, I've been recording and playing for 30 years... Cheers!
  7. Hi Bill, I'm interested in how you do global eq'ing after the new update. I find that I have to cut A LOT of high end (I'm using the low pass filter at 6 Khz!!!), do you feel the same? At least with the big bottom amp I get a better result like this (maybe not so much in the studio monitors,which I could filter down to 8 Khz maybe, but live I definitely get more high end than what I hear with my monitors at home and end up filtering A LOT). Cheers!
  8. Wow, thank you both duncann and radatats, I'll try all suggestions (the pitch glide stereo sounds very clever). It can't be the in-ears, I use them (shure se535s) all the time to listen to music from my mobile and it sounds normal. If it is the delay tone I'll be negatively shocked once again by the HD (XT, X3, none showed this issue). Thanks a lot for the help!
  9. I've been using pods for a LONG time (since pod 2.0) and currently use a HD500. I regret that line 6 chose to change completely the outputs from X3 (I loved being able to send different sounds to the FOH and my amps, which are there just for the other musicians since I use in-ears). That being said... I constantly have a problem with different levels coming to my ears, the right channel seeming to be at least 6 dB lower. Weirdly, the FOH tech doesn't see any difference. Is that possible? My rhythm preset is stereo (I put a 22ms delay before the mixer in my path and pan hard LR). I've read about different inputs etc, but it's just crazy... When I record using the pod as an interface both L and R are perfectly aligned. Then I plug the earphones into the phones output and it sounds unbalanced. I've been living with that for a long time (since I bought the hd), always asking the monitor tech to raise the R level, but I was wondering if someone has solved this. Maybe no one uses a delay to create a fake stereo but hey, it's worth the shot. TIA I wasnt very clear, when I play live I use the XLR outputs to the FOH and monitors, the 1/4" outputs to the amps. I only used the "headphone" output for testing when I'm recording, nothing else. I have the inputs set as guitar and same, and some mono fx before the amp (noise gate, wah).
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