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  1. I appreciate the extremely detailed response! As with most things musical, I guess it boils down to "if it sounds good, it is good." I'll definitely keep your cd/mp3 baseline idea in mind when setting levels and creating patches. If I understand correctly, I need to figure out the comfortable volume using mp3 with headphones. Then I set my master to where the guitar matches the mp3 when both are coming out of the amp. Keep master at that value, then tweak future/other patches to maintain proper volumes (depending on the needs of whatever I'm playing).
  2. Hello, I've got a bass guitar, POD HD500X, and GK MB210-II (no fx loop, will be delivered next week). Below is what I think I should put the settings and/or questions about creating patches when using the HD500X for effects only (no amp modeling). If anyone could say if these are right/wrong or provide insight, I'd appreciate it! 1) Output mode: Combo Front 2) Set 1/4" out switch to "AMP" 3) Make sure no amp model is selected; amp is set to "OFF". 4) Master knob all the way up. 5) Does it matter where the amp block is located in the chain? I know it's off, but there's still a place for the block. 6) Should the mixer always be the last block in the chain? 7) Any other settings that I need to check?
  3. ptran43

    Bass - POD HD500X into Fender Rumble 500

    I appreciate you taking the time to discuss my particular situation/amp! So it looks like the best options are: 1) POD without amp/cab sim into Rumble. Then Rumble XLR out to PA. In this case, the output mode would be set to "Combo Front". This would use the Rumble pre and power amps. Any adjustment to volume would affect the PA. 2) POD with amp model PRE and no cab model selected. Then POD XLR out to PA. In this case, the output mode would be set to "Combo Pwr Amp". I could adjust volume without affecting the PA. Since the POD XLR outs are Right and Left (neither are mono), I'd have to pan the mixer to center? Or would I pan all the way to Right (if using the Right output jack)? I think I'm getting closer to understanding this stuff haha.
  4. ptran43

    Bass - POD HD500X into Fender Rumble 500

    Sorry I wasn't clear in the original post. I would be creating patches that do not have amp/cab models, and would only use these patches when connected to the Fender Rumble. Wouldn't this be true even if I went straight from bass guitar to the Rumble? At that point, it's up to the sound guy? I'm very new to live sound, so don't have any experience in the area.
  5. I'm trying to get my bass guitar setup for live use. I've got a POD HD500X and am planning to get a Fender Rumble 500 to use as a stage monitor. Am I able to turn off the amp/cab sims and use the POD for effects only? My thought is that I could then use the XLR out from the Rumble to go to FOH/PA. Not sure what I'd need to select on the 1/4" out switch and the output setting in the menu. I'd like to use pitch shift (so I don't have to bring extra guitars or re-tune as often) along with some compression and maybe a bit of distortion, reverb/delay. Any other aspects that I've overlooked??