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  1. Hello I am using the Yamaha THR100HD amp I want to use the Helix for effects only. As any regular pedal. However, I want to use it through the effects loop of the Yamaha amp. I tried the 4 cable method buy I lose the preamp section of the Yamaha. I also tried the two cable method. I do not want to lose access to the preamp. There are many great features in it. As I see it the guitar has to go into the input of the Yamaha and not into the helix. I tried to simply connect the sends and returns as you would with any pedal, but it did not work. I don’t know why? Any Ideas on how I might do this? Thank you for your considerations.
  2. Try Barera Pickups for your classical guitar http://www.barberatransducers.com/
  3. Hello Everyone I am considering buying the Helix LT. I have no place locally to try it out. I play solid body guitar, but I also play a lot of acoustic guitars, Is there a way I can just use the FX in the helix without assigning preamps or amp simulators? I do not want to color the sound of my acoustic guitars. Just want to use the FX, reverb, delay chorus, etc. Thanks for any replies, Jack
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