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  1. Hi - new user of Line 6 amps, I have 2 of them spider IV 30 and spider 2 75 I'm not understanding how the channels a thru d work - this may be extremely obvious but this is why I'm asking On the model dial, you have 6 models with 2 choices per model = 12 choices The channel buttons only have 4 choices The way it seems to work is that I can use the channel buttons to pick 4 of my favorite models rather than having to turn the dial... Is that right? seems too simple and limiting... (im only getting 4 out of 12, the others I have to use the dial) - why not have all 12? I was hoping the 4 "channel" buttons would capture the settings of all the 12 dialed choices so each "channel" could give me presets for the whole range of 12 models - that would be tremendously better in my opinion. Next question, are the models the same on the 2 of my amps? The insane does not seem to be, Ive factory reset (press channel a while powering on...) but they seem different. The insane on the II 75 is unreal! , on the IV good but not as the II. I would think they should be the same... One more... :-) I'm guessing there is no way to selectively reset models? I could spend a lot of time getting one right and could lose it. I suppose I could go through and write the settings down on paper. Is there any other alternative? I've got these 2 amps used at a very low price, probably due to their age, but they are extremely well made and work very great. Thanks Bob
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