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  1. Kody from Line 6 was very helpful in explaining my issue - thought I'd post this for any others that might encounter it: I was hearing dissonance when using the lowered alt tunings - and ONLY the lowered tunings (eg down 1/2 step or whole step): The issue arises when using lowered tunings and the amp is not loud enough to overpower the acoustic audio from the string(s). The ear hears acoustic audio from the string(s) - the E string playing E - while thru the amp in the alt tuning it is playing E flat (1/2 step down) or D (full step down)...the ear can hear both the acoustic not (E) and the note thru the amp (E flat)...this makes it sound as if the strings are dissonant. But they are not. And, the issue only occurs when playing any flatted or sharped tuning. Various fixes/tests are: 1) Turn the amp louder so it overpowers the acoustic audio from the actual string; or 2) Listen to the amp thru head phones (which should cut out the acoustic audio from the actual string) and only the amp sound will come thru the headphones, or 3) Use a tuner to check the notes from the amp (so it must be close or directly plugged into the amp) so the tuner will show the note being played thru the amp - not the acoustic audio note. In all cases, the note from the amp should/will show 1/2 or whole step down - which is correct. The dissonance is caused by the acoustic sound the actual string is making. This has nothing to do with any resonance from the strings between the nut and the pegs....altho, other posts in the forums suggest it doesn't hurt to dampen that area. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for reply.... After some struggling and after helpful thoughts from Kody....some progress.... 1) Modelling button was "bottoming out"...stuffed interior of knob with bit of scotch tape...FIXED! 2) Volume issue seems to have fixed with the 4th patch cord....but have not yet ruled out defective (or poor contact) on interior of 1/4" port (eg why do the patch cords all work on my other guitars and not the JTV-69 - am still testing). 2) I think the alt tuning issue may be caused by inaccurate intonation....especially on the higher strings...those are the ones that really get discordant and seem to have a double tone to them...will try to intonate myself....leaping into the deep water!! Wish me luck....Will advise....
  3. Brand new JTV 69SSS just received....flashed the memory and installed all the latest drivers when I received it...then got pulled away for a week...just got back to it: 1) Using Alt tuning dial, all tunings work fine EXCEPT the drop 1/2 step and drop whole step tunings. They went totally discordant. 2) Also, the volume output was about 50% of what it was originally. 3) The "modelling" knob does not activate/light up when the knob is pushed down...takes multiple pushes...or I turn and push and maybe it works.... or I hold down and maybe it works...but if I hold too long and, I get into customization mode....and I cannot get it out of customization mode. And I can't turn modeling off with just a single push or even a double push. It takes real wrestling with the knob to turn off modelling. I tried to reach Line 6 but they say they are out for lunch - for the past 4 hours!! I flashed the memory...that fixed the issues in item 1 & 2 until I turned the guitar off and then back on...then the same issues returned. Nothing has fixed item #2. So: a) Is a JTV guitar so finicky that the volume and/or drop tunings will work or not at their discretion?, and b) How in the world is the modeling knob supposed to work...aren't you supposed to be able to turn it on/off with a single push? Or is mine defective, or c) Is this whole guitar defective? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info....and guess what?...after 2 days of searching I FOUND a comparison chart....buried in resources... http://line6.com/variax-modeling-guitars/resources/ It leaves out certain models (eg the JTV 89 (which I THINK existed)) and mention of the US versions and when printed is very hard to read...but, nevertheless, it exists and kudos to Line 6 for creating it.......just seems to me it s/b easier to find to make the purchasing puzzle less daunting.....and thanks for the other references....
  5. But to Oyster38N's point, there seems to be no comparative chart of ALL Line 6 modelling guitars with a complete feature list for each (neck profile, fret sizes/height, scale length, list of any modelling/tuning differences, ALL colors available in each model, differences (if any) between US/Korea made units, etc, etc)...It is a bewildering complexity of products and no where can I find a comprehensive comparative listing. Software manufacturers often provide a comparison chart for various versions....Line 6 seems (as far as I can tell) to provide NOTHING of the sort. It is a disservice to potential buyers and likely discourages potential purchasers (like me) from buying. Is it that Line 6 doesn't want to sell that many guitars?...so they make the buying process enormously difficult by not providing a detailed comparison chart. The page link above is repetitive fluff for the various models and zero crucial details. This makes a potential purchaser dig thru all the tech specs...The website is no help as the models are sprayed all over the place with no single comparison chart...it seems on the website that you have to know what you want...to be able to select what you want...I find this circular thinking. Dealers are no help as most do not stock Line 6 guitars and the one I found, has no depth....further they were not on display...so they have to open up new boxes...which makes them risk having to sell the demo as an "open box"......so WHY does Line6 make the buying process so difficult???? I have had to read thru hundreds of postings on this message board trying to piece together the spec details of the various models...why is it so hard? If there is a comparative chart, pls point me to it. Eventually, I may plow my way thru this complicated process......or I might just give up (eg Taylor T5) and go a different direction. Thanks for any thoughts.
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