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  1. I'm trying to use Guitar Pro 7 for backing tracks and play over it with my guitar and to record the mixed signal back into my computer. I have the USB connected to the computer and set my computer playback to the Helix LT and computer recording to Helix LT. I have no problem recording into the computer and hearing GP7 play in my headphones via the USB1/2 monitoring. However, I am trying to set up my 1B track, which is nothing but a volume pedal, with an input of USB3/4 so that I can output the computer's audio back into the recording via Multi output (same as guitar). I hear the music in the headphones still but it the backing track is not being recorded, which leads me to think I am still only hearing it via the USB1/2 monitor rather than USB3/4 which should be recording. Does this sound like the correct setup for what I am trying to achieve? I just ordered a 1/8 to dual 1/4" adapter on amazon as a backup plan but would prefer to get the USB working. Also side question, if I am feeding audio from my laptop to the Helix then back to the laptop via USB, would that create an infinite loop of audio? THANK YOU!
  2. Got it. I guess that isn't a big deal. Appreciate the help.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I assume if I want to jam over a track on Youtube I would need to download that track to import into the DAW as well?
  4. Hi Guys, Just dove in to the modeling world with my first purchase of the Helix LT. I would like to play a backing track (usually Guitar Pro 7) on my computer while I play over it with my guitar, and have my computer record both in real time. I have FL Studio already so I am hoping I can make that work without buying another DAW. I know how to import an audio file as a backing track into FL Studio and then record a new guitar track over it. However, I want to also be able to record the computer live with the guitar since I primarily use Guitar Pro for backing tracks and don't want to have to export the Guitar Pro tracks as an Audio file for every song I want to record. Any advice would be great. Very excited about this purchase.
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